Dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Nickname: Callie

Owner name: CallieWag

Age: 6 years 7 months 19 days

Gender: female

Number of views: 625

Story / description:

Callie is an ex-puppy-mill breeding rescue, which means she was kept in a tiny cage for five years being bred every heat. Callie was rescued in early October 2016, and we adopted her two weeks later.

She is discovering a whole new world and having to be trained much like a puppy, except one that has enough life experience to be able to question you. Why? Why do I need to lay down right now?

Also on her mind frequently are questions about the cats. Why are they touching me? Is that a good thing? They are growling (purring)! Why? I will sit still whenever they come over and let them do what they want. AHHH, THEY COME OUT OF NOWHERE!

Callie is happily adventuring on, experiencing new things every day, and is the star of her own blog at

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