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Himalayan's or Californian's What's the Differen

Written by: Speedy18 March 2017

Himalayan's or Californian's What's the Difference?A lot of people get confused about these rabbits with Himalayan's often being confused for Californian Rabbits the difference between them is mainly the size. Californian Rabbit were bred from Himalalyan's and Newzealand whites and were Bred as a meat and fur rabbit.This makes them much bigger than the Himalayan's,they also have a shorter neck and stockier build than the Himalayan's.Californian Rabbits are new a popular pet rabbit breed.
Himalayan's Weigh between 3 and 5lbs were as Californian's weigh around 7 or 8lbs but can weigh up to 10lbs.
Himalayan's are much more streamlined with long necks and longer legs,their shape is more like their wild cousins in Europe that all domesticated rabbit were bred from and they are one of the oldest and most ancient of breeds.
One thing both breeds share is the white fur with the dark points which come in chocolate,Blue or Lilac point markings.The other thing most people don't know is the you can get Himi's in Netherland Dwarfs and in Rex's. This is what I am,I'm a Himalayan Rex with Chocolate points.This means I have the short plush fur of the Rex and the shape and build of the Rex. I also have the flap of skin on my tummy in front of my back legs. Rex's are Built for Speed they can stretch their legs out in full extension just like Cheetah's can in the cat world.
So there you have it the difference's of the Himalayan and Californian Breeds and Now you know What I am too!

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