Bird, Macaw


Nickname: Scarp

Name: Species: Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

Owner name: Ysyn

Age: 26 years 4 months 23 days

Gender: male

Number of views: 367

Story / description:

I was born on June 23, 1957 and bought from a breeder on August 29, 1957. I m a blue-and-yellow macaw that lived with mom and her two sons. It was interesting since my children never really payed any attention to me unless that wanted to irritate me in some way. It was nice to have Red by my side even though on somedays, we didn t get along well. Everything chance one day when mom gotten married and add four more people into our lives. It didn t bother me much as it did Red. I loved the attention my new children were given me. It was the first time since my first year living with mom that any children gave me that much attention. I was mom s shadow and she was always my number one person. When mom was doing errands or at work, I would give my full attention to the two youngest children. They would always let me out of the cage and give me all kinds of treats. I lived a good life up until November 16, 1994 when I went over the rainbow bridge.


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