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My life

Written by: Lunika I am Luna half year old dwarf dachshund girl my mum and dad raise me in the greatest love I am often bad and my mum often says lunika you are bad but they love me more than that I am very happy with lots of delicious food lots of toys and I make them... 30 November 2022. 23:37:52

Ödönke kitty tells us about himself!

Written by: Ödönke A post on behalf of my cat🥰 ️"Hi!Let me tell you a little bit about myself:I was born on 27.05.2022🎂 My owner took me from home on 15 June when I was 8 weeks old. I have been living with him since then and I love him! Next year I will be 1 year ... 28 November 2022. 19:42:20

Let's also get everything off the shelves

Written by: Filemon A few weeks ago, Philemon got into a new habit. He used to sit on the shelves, but so far he hasn't disturbed the memorabilia on them. Then he started slapping the small things on the floor. He bit off the arms and legs of the Laotian baby, then... 27 November 2022. 19:24:05

My one and only little angel

Written by: Baby On May 21, 2021, I first met this little angel and we are together until now. The little angel's friends with them went on a long journey into the sky. 🌈... 17 November 2022. 20:23:12

Your trip to Balaton!

Written by: Cuki Cuki and Huncutka went on a trip with the owner... 14 November 2022. 21:37:33


Written by: Fickó How to be children.... 07 November 2022. 11:45:01

Vacak's tiny little story

Written by: Vacak Egy napon kutybusszal(autóval) a szüleim gazdája elvitt engem ezzel a fura szállítóval😲Nem tudtam mi történik csak az anyukámat szerettem volna mert annyira féltem még hiszen olyan picike voltam😣Egy hosszú út után sikerült oda érnünk ahova szeretett ... 05 November 2022. 01:43:04


Written by: Virsli I'm a sausage. 4 year old raptor, my life consists of nothing but 20-22 hours of sleep, the rest of the time I spend chasing my owner, digging flowers and getting on his nerves. But my Master still adores me because I am a very funny creature.... 29 September 2022. 12:08:23

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