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Written by: Virsli I'm a sausage. 4 year old raptor, my life consists of nothing but 20-22 hours of sleep, the rest of the time I spend chasing my owner, digging flowers and getting on his nerves. But my Master still adores me because I am a very funny creature.... 29 September 2022. 12:08:23

Felix, and the mouse

Written by: Félix He loves to play with his mouse and often sleeps with it.... 23 September 2022. 15:20:36

Little bit about toffee

Written by: Toffee I got toffee when he was a like 1-2 years old when I lived in Illinois.... 20 September 2022. 02:23:17


Written by: Monyó Sleeping... 16 September 2022. 06:20:47


Written by: Pici Picur is a 1 year old Egyptian mau boy.He loves sleeping, eating and packing.He is friendly, cuddly and playful.Favorite pastimes are packing-stealing-flapping objects, urinating (reaching into all the water and spilling it) and playing... 14 September 2022. 13:36:23


Written by: Tökmag Tökmag 6 year old male palotapincsi and si-cu mix. He loves to eat, walk and play.He is friendly, energetic and cunning. His favourite pastimes are playing, playing with pies, walking and digging.... 14 September 2022. 13:26:00


Written by: Hangi Hamvas is a 6-year-old Burmese boy. He loves to eat and sleep. Very greedy, willful and opinionated. His favourite pastimes are eating and cuddling (head bumping, petting and cuddling).... 14 September 2022. 13:14:14


Written by: Jerry Jerry is a 1 year old Syrian golden hamster boy.He loves to eat and sleep and run around.He is friendly, does not bite, curious and very greedy. His favourite pastimes are eating and running around the room.... 14 September 2022. 12:58:27

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