Bird, Macaw


Nickname: Red

Owner name: Ysyn

Age: 25 years 4 months 24 days

Gender: male

Number of views: 244

Story / description:

I was born on February 15, 1957 and bought from a breeder on April 22, 1957. I m a scarlet macaw that lived with mom and her husband. Between Scarp, the five children and I, there were a lot of noise in the house. I wasn t happy with the new additions in the house. I love it when it was just mom and her two boys. I live like that for seven years until she wanted to add more to the family. It took me a while before I was comfortable with everyone else. Once I got use to the rest of the family, I watch the children play. They entertained me for a short time before I would leave them and go to find mom. It didn t take long for the other children to learn how to play with me and I became happy. The best part was when I would try to land on the children s shoulders which none of the children like. They would always scream and try to run away from me, as if I was a scary monster trying to eat them, lol. I lived a peaceful life until I passed away on July 10, 1993.


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